Finding My Roar


Three years ago God said, “You are a lion.” At the time, I didn’t feel like one. Lions are bold, power-FULL, fierce, confident and walk in freedom. They pursue their purpose with intensity and above all are passionate leaders.


I felt like a victim. My creative heart was in bondage.


I had chosen to pursue the American Dream over my own and dropped my brushes to tightly grasp each step on the corporate ladder. I was convinced that I was going to die as the American Dream and not the artist – LION – God created me to be.


Then I dove off at top.


One year ago today, God lead me out of my corporate career to start a movement called Creative Revival (read more here). But before I could lead, He made it very clear that I needed to get back to the basics. You would think the adrenaline of my leap of faith was enough to activate my creativity, but I just stared at the blank canvas. I needed inspiration. I needed help. I needed the Holy Spirit.


The Holy Spirit is creativity, imagination, THE core and energy source for our creative hearts. It was in my fear of “being too much” and “out of control” that I had blocked the Holy Spirit and put my creative heart in bondage.


I needed freedom. I needed the Spirit.


A few months after I quit my corporate job, I was in a prayer circle of friends and begged The Wind to blow through me. I lavished my love on Him like never before and I could physically feel Him start to unwrap the binding on my heart. The room was intensely quiet and heavy with His presence. You could have heard a pin drop. I was sitting between two of my mentors; gentle, kind, stoic, cool, calm and collected women of God. And He hit me… I started to laugh uncontrollably. Head back, ROARING laughter from the core of my being. I was shaking, crying and ROARING. I was so overwhelmed with joy! I couldn’t contain it. It poured out of me like a waterfall! I could feel the vibrations of my laughter in my chest… next thing I knew, my mentors were laughing uncontrollably. I couldn’t stop. They couldn’t stop. The WHOLE room had erupted into intense laughter. You could taste the joy.


What just happened?!


I had found my roar.


The roar of a lion is heard up to five miles away to help find other lions and claim territory that can be up to 100 square miles. God said, “Every time you laugh, you claim territory by the power of the Holy Spirit. Joy is your roar.” This is precisely why the enemy had tried everything he could to steal my joy and bind my creative heart. He knew that the joy of the Lord is my strength. My weapon. My ROAR! It is from this waterfall of joy that I released the lion within me. I had gotten back to the basics; I was operating in the Spirit.





It was February of this year that I came across She The Roar; A community of women that love fiercely, roar against injustice and champion God’s purpose in their lives. I found my pride! I had found my inspiration! I decided to create the She The Roar Collection to creatively reflect our journey in finding our voice… our ROAR! The roar of being unapologetically ourselves, building a fierce faith, seeking to be known by the influence of our footsteps, and passionately seeking our God-given purpose.


I am still learning to be unapologetically myself and RELEASE the gritty, no ruffles, barefoot, scarred warrior, no naive ROARING righteous woman of God that he made me to be, but there is one thing I am certain of, I am a lion and joy is my roar.


What’s your roar?


Peace + joy,


5 Replies to “Finding My Roar”

  1. This is excellent ❤❤❤. You are amazing and truly walking in your Joy and Roar. Beautiful art and collection! My roar is singing in the Spirit.


  2. Wow!!! This is so awe-inspiring Megan!!! What a glorious encounter you had with God!!! I’m inspired to find out what creative ability God has put in me so I can function as He has always intended me to. Bless your creative heart!!!

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