Free Your Creative Heart // How to Experience Creative Revival



All of us were built with the desire to create by THE Creator; God. He gave us the desire and every resource we need to create. You can’t hide it! Whether you want to cook, dance, write, design, solve problems, farm, or create a family, one fact remains:


We can’t ignore the desire to create.


However, too many of His children are in bondage and not using their creative heart. Why? Perhaps…


  • You were told you weren’t creative
  • You told yourself you aren’t creative
  • Your parents didn’t support your creativity
  • Someone rejected your creativity
  • Your job zaps your creative energy
  • You’re afraid of what others will think
  • You let jealousy seep in
  • You compare your “art” to others
  • You’re afraid of failure
  • You don’t know how



In August of 2016 God told me to quit my corporate career and start a movement called Creative Revival. You can read more about my leap of faith here. Creative Revival is a journey in freeing the creative heart by moving the resources of Heaven through creative expression.


The purpose of Creative Revival is to use art as a universal language to:


  • Remove the lie that you aren’t creative
  • Eliminate jealousy and competition
  • Build relationships and community
  • Glorify God


The key in freeing your creative heart is to move the resources of Heaven through creative expression.


Too often we see Heaven as a far off place that we only have access to when we die, but the bible says Heaven is near (Matthew 4:17)! Supernatural and SUPER exciting activity happens between here and Heaven all day every day; healing, miracles, victorious battles, breakthroughs, restoration, deliverance, guidance! This is real life!


The Lord desires to release the abundance of the resources of Heaven on earth and pour His supernatural through us because He is the most generous Giver. The resources of Heaven are as wide and deep as the Father’s heart and include every perfect gift from God; provision, healing, courage, strength, wisdom, ability, hope, salvation. We are incapable of listing all He has for us because the list extends into eternity!


In order to access what we need and/or desire, all we have to do is ask with a heart aligned to His purpose and we will lack nothing (Matthew 6:33, Psalm 34:10). Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven is the REAL deal friends (Matthew 6:10) and EVERY time we experience this exchange with God through the Holy Spirit… the Heavens ROAR in celebration! I have personally experienced this supernatural exchange. It was the gift of peace and joy that catapulted me into Creative Revival.


It had been over eight years since I created my last piece of art when I left my corporate job to pursue Creative Revival. You would think the adrenaline of my leap of audacious faith would have been enough to activate my creativity, but I just stared at the blank canvas. I needed inspiration. I needed help. I needed the resources of Heaven and I needed the Holy Spirit to access them.




It was through an encounter with the Holy Spirit that the Heavens deposited a waterfall of peace and joy into my heart. Heaven gave me my ROAR! (You can read more about my experience here). Up until the exchange, I had only created realism with pencils, charcoal and oils; detailed still life and nature. When I picked up my paintbrush I could feel the supernatural pulsating through my hands and heart. As I approached the canvas with peace and joy, I literally saw miracles move across the canvas. I was painting with materials I had never used before. I was painting from my imagination and creating abstract compositions – something I had NEVER done before. The Heavens had gifted me with MORE than I could have ever imagined (Ephesians 3:20-21)! Within one week I had painted 12 different styles of art that I had never created before (Read more about my art here). I was moving the resources of Heaven through creative expression and painting in the spirit.


Yes. I have 33 years of training and creating as an artist. Yes. I have an art degree. Yes. I have worked in the design industry for 16 years, BUT none of those things activated my gifts. It was when I knocked on the doors of Heaven and asked for Creative Revival that the flood gates of Heaven opened, gifted me with peace and joy, and my creative heart was freed. You don’t have to totally abandon your job or life to experience Creative Revival. All you have to do is knock on Heaven’s door and God will meet you where you are.



Here are four ways to move the resources of Heaven through creative expression and experience Creative Revival:




Wake Up Child.

As a child of God, all the resources of Heaven belong to you, so first things first, put the adult to bed and awaken the child within you. Why? Children love with abandoned, ask questions openly and desire above all else to spend time with their father. Heaven responds to this humility like a waterfall; the Holy Spirit is the water. This is the most fertile position for creativity because the Holy Spirit IS creativity.


I awaken my inner child through worship. I rearrange my living room, blast my worship music and dance like no one is watching. I also ask the Holy Spirit to blow through. The Holy Spirit has many names, but my favorite is The Wind because like wind, the Holy Spirit spreads seeds to propagate growth, cools and calms us, and is THE energy source needed to fill the sails of our boats that navigate us in our journey through Creative Revival. (Matthew 18:3)




Drop the Distance.

The distance I have when painting with brushes allows me to control the paint with precision, but sometimes I need to get a little closer, so I drop the brush and use my hands. Using my hands connects me to the art. Its intimate and freeing because I lose the control and the precision I have with brushes. It becomes more about the expression through color than technical skill and performance. I always end up with paint all over me, but I never regret it because I get closer to what I love.


God isn’t interested in control, precision or performance. He is interested in intimacy. Intimacy by definition is closeness between two people. God is the Father and Maker of all things creative, innovative and inspiring, so drop the distance, get close to God in Heaven and experience the freedom available to you through creative expression. You will end up with His ideas and inspiration ALL over you and you won’t regret it.



Belly Up for Boldness.

You can’t move the resources of Heaven without being vulnerable with God. That means being belly up, naked and completely exposed in your relationship with Him. Like when a puppy rolls over on his back for belly rubs of love. There’s no need to be scared of vulnerability with God. Freely run to Him with excitement and expectation of the love and attention He wants to lavish on you. It’s in this place of vulnerability where you can feel safe, relaxed and confident. Bold like a lion.






Obedience is Success.

Fear of failure is the enemy’s FAVORITE weapon to clench on our creative hearts. He uses cultural influences and measurements to nip at us. I’ve had it bite me like a snapping turtle. And let me tell you, those bad boys are hard pressed to let go!


Fear sneaks in when we entertain the “what ifs.”

“What if it doesn’t turn out the way I wanted?”

“What if no one likes it?”

“What if I don’t like it?”

God doesn’t define success by any measurement of worldly approval, wealth, position or award. He defines success by obedience and He has commanded us to use our talents and gifts (1 Peter 4:10). So the good news is friends, when you walk in obedience by creating, you’re successful!




Elevate hearts, not gifts.

Our culture likes to give out awards for talent, however all talents are gifts from our generous Father. Color, skill and creativity are all gifts from God and God is the giver of all good gifts. The ability to create is one of the most precious gifts from God because of the exchange that happens when we elevate our hearts to him. When we lift our heart’s desire to create FOR Him, He gifts us with creativity. It is then when we reflect His creative nature to bring Him all the glory, bring joy to the world and continue to build beauty within His creation.


For the love of it.

He gave us the desire to create because He loves to create. Jenn Hatmaker once said, “You are not required to save the world, or anyone for that matter with your art. It isn’t valuable only if it rescues or raises money or makes an enormous impact. It can be simply for the love of it. That is not frivolous or selfish in the slightest. If the only person it saves is you, that’s enough.”



The moment you start moving any of the resources of Heaven through creative expression you will experience opposition, testing of your faith and healing. So, stay connected to The Creator, The Wind and a community of people that are WITH you on your journey through Creative Revival. And remember, “ Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.” (Ephesians 3:20-21) So dream on and enjoy the ride!


Peace + Joy,

Megan Gordon

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