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I have painted/illustrated all my life, but after an 8 year hiatus, I picked up my brushes in August 2016 and discovered a whole new world – abstracts, watercolor, acrylic – FREEDOM! My artwork is separated into collections and within each collection I have series. Everything is a journey of Creative Revival; restoration, revelation and awakening. I started out completely broken, but with every brush stroke or move of a pencil my creative heart is experiencing more and more freedom. I’m discovering new styles and approaches every day.





Wind Collection // HOLY SPIRIT

The Holy Spirit has many names, but my favorite is The Wind. Like wind, the Holy Spirit spreads seeds to propagate growth, cools and calms us, and is THE energy source needed to fill the sails of our boats that navigate us through our journey in Creative Revival. (#WindCollection)

AWAKENING SERIES // The spirit awakens us to things we can’t see and there are levels of awakening, like that of elevations on a typographic map. The journey of life is an essential part of the awakening of the spirit. This series is inspired by and reflects the different elevations in life and all that surround them. (#AwakeningSeries – canvas panel, acrylic)

CORE SERIES // The Holy Spirit is my core. All my energy and creativity stems from this central point. The composition has a central point of which the paint and energy expands. (#CoreSeries – birchwood canvas, acrylic, liquid acrylic, graphite, paint sticks)

FREEDOM SERIES // This collection is created with makeup sponges, q tips, my hands, and a limited timeframe to reduce my tendency to control and use the left side of my brain. Which leads to fear. This series is in celebration of my declaration of no more hindrances in the spirit because of fear or control! (#FreedomSeries – canvas panel, acrylic, liquid acrylic, pigment powder)





Joy Collection // WALL DANCER

I love joy! I love to receive, give and cultivate it in my everyday life. The one thing I have learned about joy is that it comes from the Father; Not people. And when we seek joy from Him, we are able to cultivate and create more of it through our relationships with others. I receive so much joy from God when I dance when I painting, dream and spend quality time with the people I love. (#JoyCollection)

WALL DANCER SERIES // I love to dance, but I REALLY love to dance with a brush in my hand. All the strokes and colors are a result of expressed joy through movement and color. (#WallDancer – 300-400lb rag paper, watercolor, acrylic, liquid acrylic, graphite, paint sticks)

DREAM SERIES // I dream in color – while I’m awake and asleep. This series is a reflection of what I see in my dreams. (#DreamSeries – 300-400lb rag paper, watercolor, acrylic, liquid acrylic, graphite, charcoal pencil, paint sticks)

RIPPLE SERIES // My creative heart desires to invest in relationships that organically build a community where exhortation, joy and adventure have a ripple effect of joy. This series is the expression of those moments of joy within relationships and community. (#RippleEffect – 300-400lb rag paper, watercolor, acrylic, liquid acrylic, graphite, charcoal pencil, paint sticks)







Earth Collection // NATURE

Every day I’m outside is a holiday day to me! Especially if I’m on an adventure; camping, hiking, kayaking, walking, boating, skiing… ALL the things! I love the change of seasons, endless diversity in geography and every animal (and bug!) holds a very special place in my heart. Our earth is so creative and precious, and I want to be intentional with how I interact and celebrate nature to ensure a world filled with glorious life and celebration. (#EarthCollection)

ADVENTURE SERIES // I always find inspiration and treasures on my adventures in nature; rocks, sticks, leaves, bark. I love to connect my creative heart to God’s creation! (#AdventureSeries – magnolia tree leaves, sticks, bark, stones, acrylic, liquid acrylic)

CREATION SERIES // I love God’s creation! This series is in celebration of all the feathers, antennae, leaves and gems that tickle my creative heart. (#CreationSeries – 300-400lb rag paper, watercolor)






Soul Collection // MUSIC

Sometimes I think my soul was made out of music. I love to listen, sing, dance – even if its just in my heart – collect and create it. Music moves me in an intimate and bottomless way that helps me process emotion, release stress and connect with God. I have many, many dreams of what I want to do with music and this collection is just the beginning of my journey in going deeper into my soul. (#SoulCollection)

NOTES SERIES // When I listen to music, I SEE music. So, I paint it. (#NotesSeries – 300-400lb rag paper, watercolor)

BEAT SERIES // When my heart beats – especially to music – I imagine vibrations emanating through my chest and into the world as lines, shapes and splatters. Each piece is in response to a song in my heart. (#BeatSeries – 300-400lb rag paper, watercolor, acrylic, liquid acrylic)






Revelation Collection // EDGE

Every moment of every day is a process through which we learn the lessons of this life. Those lessons birth two of the most valuable and precious gifts we could ever receive; revelation and wisdom. I believe in celebrating the process and sharing these gifts. This collection gives you the behind the scenes look into my process, and the wisdom and revelation gathered along the way. Containing my messes, studies, tears, and joy, you will get the real, raw and sometimes weird. (#RevelationCollection)

EXPOSURE SERIES // God uncovers His plan, glory and love in everything I see around me. Sometimes I don’t need to reinterpret what I see through paint or illustration. It’s just a matter of capturing exactly what I see in the moment I see it. And the best part is, God shows me things through a new lens everyday. (#ExposureSeries)

REVELATION SERIES // This series is in celebration of the revelation – the special direct message – that god gives you that leaves a clear, black & white impression that is burned on your heart. I chose to use the most direct and fundamental element in art; the line. (#RevelationSeries – bristol board, pigment liner, colored pencils, markers)





Exploration Collection // FREEDOM

I love to explore, learn new things and encourage a perspective of abundance in my life. I find the newness and freshness of things in life fuel my child like spirit… and I don’t ever want that to change! I love being in awe. (#ExplorationCollection)

STUDY SERIES // In art, a study is a drawing, sketch or painting done in preparation for a finished piece, or as visual notes. Studies are often used to understand the problems involved in rendering subjects and to plan the elements to be used in finished works, such as light, color, form, perspective and composition. I have decided to share these, so that you can share more of my sense of discovery in my journey through Creative Revival. (#StudySeries – bristol board, canvas panel, acrylic, liquid acrylic, watercolor, paint sticks, graphite, charcoal pencil, pigment liner, markers)

PALETTE SERIES // The Palette Series is inspired by a time in my life when I was unemployed, lost my home and had a small handful of personal belongings that included a mattress, clothes and my fur beebs. I was lived in fear. After being stripped down to the basics, I can now see abundance and opportunity with fresh eyes. I now use every little, teenie, tiny bit of paint left on my palettes to create out of abundance. (#PaletteSeries #PaletteStories – acid free paper, acrylic, liquid acrylic, graphite, charcoal, watercolor)



Inspiration Collection // COLLABORATION

I am always looking for inspiration and enjoy the stretch when I’m working with others. So, I’m always looking for ways to collaborate because it helps me grow, builds relationships and well… Its just SO MUCH FUN!

COLLAB SERIES // Inspired by #CreativeRevival, I wanted to build a series that celebrates diversity, eliminates competition and jealousy, and connects multiple creative hearts in one piece. Tied to Free Art Friday, this series is a creative exercise that frees me up to create without pressure, change my perspective, challenge my creative heart and put art and joy in the world at the same time. I then leave it in the world to be found. Visit my Instagram page and search #freeartfridayrdu and #CreativeRevival to join in on the fun!

I AM A FRIEND OF THE SMOKIES SERIES – Coming soon! // Nature is my favorite place for release and inspiration. Given the choice between beach or mountains, I’m always going to choose the mountains; The Smoky Mountains. The fires in 2016 broke my heart. Heartache and destruction blazed through the very place that people seek for healing, adventure and respite. I want to help rebuild the Smoky Mountains for all of the #FriendsOfTheSmokies!

I am partnering with The Friends of the Smokies organization. The key element in this project for me is SUSTAINABILITY. One thing will always be true for this series; 100% of all proceeds go directly to The Friends of the Smokies organization. (#FriendsOfTheSmokies – 300-400lb rag paper, watercolor, acrylic, liquid acrylic, graphite, paint sticks)



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