Creative Revival


All of us were built with the desire to create by THE Creator; God. He gave us the desire and every resource we need to create. You can’t hide it! Whether you want to cook, dance, write, design, solve problems, farm, or build a family, one fact remains:

We can’t ignore the desire to create.


However, too many of His children are in bondage and not using their creative heart. Why? Perhaps…

  • You were told you weren’t creative
  • Your parents didn’t support your artistry
  • Your job zaps your creative energy
  • You’re afraid of what others will think
  • You let jealousy stop you from trying something for yourself
  • You compare your “art” to others
  • You’re afraid of failure
  • You don’t know how

In August of 2016 God told me to quit my corporate career and start a movement called Creative Revival.

Creative Revival is a journey in freeing the creative heart by moving the resources of Heaven through creative expression.


The purpose of Creative Revival is to use art as used as a universal language to:

  • Remove the lie that you aren’t creative
  • Eliminate jealousy and competition
  • Build relationships and community




Instagram community

Painting workshops


Skills, talents, and behavior assessments

Mentoring and Strategic partnerships to support dream development

Accountability groups



Are you interested in becoming an
ambassador for Creative Revival?

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