The Artist

Meet Megan Gordon. She is a painter, singer, dancer, illustrator, adventurer, and Creative Director — though not necessarily in that order. Think of her as a left brain/right brain kind of person. That’s because she has not one, but two degrees: one in marketing from Northern Kentucky University and a second in design from the Art Institute of Ohio–Cincinnati.

Megan is a Jill-of-all trades, and master of them, too – a true Creative Ninja! Her 16+ years of experience include package design, product development, branding, and creative direction. However, it is her 35 years as an artist that supersedes anything she can put on her resume; painting, drawing and creating by moving the resources of Heaven through creative expression.

An accomplished artist Megan, very much enjoys building relationships and community. Her laughter and infectious joy for life are a hallmark of her character. Her hope is to see you experience the joy of the Lord as your strength and see you dive into your personal journey through Creative Revival.

ARTISTRY: Classically trained artist since I was a toddler,I have a huge family full of creative hearts, Started abstract art, watercolor and acrylic in August of ’16.

CAREER: I have 16 years of corporate design/branding/marketing experience. Some of the brands I have worked on include Puffs tissues, Chiquita International, Orbitz Gum, Charmin, Febreeze, Pampers, and Candle-Lite. Connect with me on LinkedIn and view my professional portfolio here.

HOBBIES: hiking, kayaking, camping, traveling – ALL outdoor adventures about covers it.