The Artist

Yes, my hair color is natural. Yes, I burn easily. No, I’m not 25. I’m 35. I just wear lots of sunscreen #RedheadProblems.

GEOGRAPHY: I was born and raised in Northern KY/Cincinnati, OH. Raleigh, NC has become home after 5 years of building family and GPS usage.

FAMILY: I have family in ME, PA, OH, KY, TN, GA, CA, FL and probably more in other states and countries.

ARTISTRY: Classically trained artist since I was a toddler,I have a huge family full of creative hearts, Started abstract art, watercolor and acrylic in August of ’16.

CAREER: I have 16 years of corporate design/branding/marketing experience. Some of the brands I have worked on include Puffs tissues, Chiquita International, Orbitz Gum, Charmin, Febreeze, Pampers, and Candle-Lite. Connect with me on LinkedIn and view my professional portfolio here.

HOBBIES: hiking, kayaking, camping, traveling – ALL outdoor adventures about covers it.

QUIRKS: I have a laundry list of food/environmental allergies, I must sleep with a fan – year round, I have an intense fear of heights but totally addicted to zip lining, and will be completely derailed from any conversation by animals or anything sparkly.

LOVES: adventure, exploring, music, singing, creative expression, laughing, laughing, laughing, documentaries, animals, quality time, essential oils, hugs, snuggles, forgiveness (give and receive), kombucha, hot sauce, jalepeños, and pho.

DISLIKES: Ham steak, sweet potatoes, being late, feet, being lost, pride, lies, fear, when people chew with their mouth open and anything scary.





HEROES: Christina Noble, Jeremy Jones, Mother Theresa, Joan of Arc, Frida Kahlo, and anyone who runs the Barkley Marathon or climbs Meru.

DREAMS: Go on an extreme snowboarding expedition with Jeremy Jones and Travis Rice, Move to New Zealand, Travel the world for 12 months, See Meru, Climb Half Dome, Stay in Yosemite for 60 days, Swim with a humpback whale while snorkling.

Further, Deeper, HigherMeruThe Fourth PhaseRed Dot On the OceanThe Barkley MarathonsValley UprisingUnbrandedSlingShotMcConkey, Alice in Wonderland (2010), Maleficent, The Christmas Story, Baby Mama, Forest Gump.

FAVORITE BANDS/MUSCIAN: Bethel, Bob Marley, Bob Marley & The Wailers, The Doobie Brothers, Journey, Chicago, Fleetwood Mac, Jake Johnson, James Taylor, Matisyahu, 311, Michael Jackson, Neil Young, Rusted Root, Steffany Gretzinger, Red Hot Chili Peppers.

MISC: 85% of my brain consists of song lyrics, I’m a cat owner that loves dogs, I tend to laugh when I’m happy and at fart jokes, I rarely remember a name but never forget our connection.