No More Masks

We are in the month of Tammuz (until July 29).

The month of Tammuz is the month of the sin of the golden calf, which resulted in Moses breaking the tablets of the Ten Commandments.

This is a month of repentance and cleansing of idolatry.

He says that the biggest golden calf, the greatest idol in this time in history, is self; pride.

Choosing a heart of stone over a servant’s heart filled with love, tenderness, gentleness and kindness.

Wanting what self wants above what He has and wants for us as His Bride purified.

I keep hearing these questions repeated over and over again, “Do you REALLY want what I have for you? Or are you just saying you want what I have for you because you think it makes you look holy and righteous? Tis but a mask.”

I am here to tell you it’s time to take off your mask. Righteousness can’t be faked. 

“It’s a war of My will versus your will in the crevices of your heart.”

He is extending another invitation for righteousness; conforming to His revealed will in ALL areas of life.

To look above to The Bridegroom and enter into the high places instead of clutching to self.

To stop robbing God of His glory and soften your heart towards His Bride.

I had an open vision where I was standing in a cylindrical, glass tube. There was water swirling all around me at such great speed that it had created a vortex. I was standing firm on glass, the water wasn’t touching me, but if I were to move clumsily I would get wet and/or caught up in the swirling. I had to stand firmly and with intention so as to not get swept up in the motion. As I looked up, the space above me was clear and the vortex of water flattened out 15 ft above my head. There was a glowing light emanating from the Heavenlies drawing my attention up.

If I looked at or through the vortex, I got very nauseous. So much so that I had to close my eyes and take a few cooling deep breaths.

So I looked up.

The swirling is the empowering force and presence of Holy Spirit. 

The purpose of the swirling is to bring His holy alignment and stir up deeply rooted pride.

Looking anywhere, but up in this season will cause nausea. Especially if you choose your will above His.

He is using Holy Spirit to “fold in” His holy alignment in your life and expose golden calves. To expose pride. To expose self.

What is His intention? 

To create within you, a servant’s heart and give you your inheritance, so that His Bride can bring Heaven here on earth, now.


The heart of His Bride has become more concerned with being right, being in the know and “saving face” than loving and serving the nations. 

Judgement and criticism rooted in pride reign above grace, mercy, kindness, gentleness and intimacy between His children. 

Much like a salad spinner, the vortex is here to clean and fling what is not desired so that the tainting and filth of pride is exposed and expelled.

He is exposing pride. 

He is exposing self. 

He is exposing golden calves.

What does pride look like?

Pride wants what it wants. Especially above the revealed will of God.

Pride knows everything.

Pride has already seen and already heard; it does not listen and won’t/can’t be taught.

Pride shames.

Pride condemns.

Pride refuses to be wrong.

Pride is right despite revealed truth.

Pride is disgusted, critical and judgmental because it knows all things.

Pride will kick and scream, throw tantrums and drag entire atmospheres, and everyone in them, into demonic chaos until it gets what it wants… no matter what.

I see the most “popular” pride mask in this season as a Phantom of the Opera mask. A half mask. 

A mask that is mostly worn and clutched by His church.

A mask used to try to fake righteousness. To hide weakness.

A “one foot in, one foot out” mask.

One foot in His will and one foot in your will; pride.

A straddle over righteousness and unrighteousness.

A mask covering up vulnerability with pride.

The mask that the Phantom, wears over half of his face is to cover his vulnerability and the swirling he suffers internally, as he hides his face because of the fear that his real face will cause horror in other people. The mask gives the Phantom a false sense of control over his life because it allows him to decide when to reveal his real face, but there is one crucial factor he has no control over: other people’s reactions. So rather than display his weaknesses alongside his strength, he hides his vulnerability and is therefore completely deprived of love, intimacy, relationship and lives in complete bondage to his pride.

He is in bondage to his desire to save face.

To been seen as right, strong and flawless.

“Dear Bride of mine, you will never experience intimacy and freedom covering your vulnerability with pride. You are robbing me of My glory and hindering revival with masks that hide My strength in your weakness.”

Where is there spinning in your life? 

Where are you holding on to your way instead of aligning yourself to His desires for you?

What is His revealed will in that area of your life? 

Has He revealed more than one area?

Right now, as the vortex swirls, we have two choices:

1) Take off the pride

2) Or have it swirled off

My encouragement to you is to take it off yourself. 

Now is the time to remove and destroy pride.

Now is the time to remove the half mask.

Right now, this moment is THE moment to repent and then immediately intercede.

Intercede for His Bride out of love and destroy the golden calves She has erected.

Why is this so important?

Golden calves block our ability to love. To experience intimacy. To have Heaven’s perspective in one’s dreams, visions and choices. They are a cork in the vortex blocking the light, blocking the view and blocking the way out of the swirling.

My dear friends, God has much greater, kinder, gentler and good things in store for you: More than you can ever think or imagine, but you must repent and burn every golden calf; especially self.

In all areas.

More of Him. Less of me.

Take your pride, your mask, and melt it down, pulverize it, toss it in the vortex of Holy Spirit to be mixed in water like Moses did with the golden calf, and walk away.

Never look back.

Give Him the glory. 

Display His strength in your weaknesses.

Choose His will.

Choose love.

Choose to be vulnerable with God and people.

Choose intimacy.

Choose a servant’s heart.

Choose a teachable heart.

Conform to His revealed will in ALL areas of your life.













All means all.

Conform to His revealed will in ALL areas of your life and the vortex will stop.

Conform to His revealed will in ALL areas of your life and you will stop robbing Him of His glory.

Conform to His revealed will in ALL areas of your life and you will experience what He has paid the highest cost for you to experience every day of your life: FREEDOM.

James 4:10
Proverbs 11:2
John 3:30
1 Corinthians 13:4-6
Daniel 5:20
1 Corinthians 2:9-16
Ephesians 3:19-21


Rendering template: mockupguy2

Title: The Masquerade is Over
Collection: Beauty for Ashes
Series: Revelation


Title: The Masquerade is Over
Collection: Beauty for Ashes
Series: Revelation


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